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About LGen3

Phone: (352) 566-8780

LGen3 is the natural outgrowth of my husband Stan’s 30+ years in the computer industry. We specialize in digital products and services including:

  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Virtual Tours
  • Graphics Design Packages
  • Online Marketing and SEO

Stan is the talented tech savvy entrepreneur who loves the freedom and flexibility of being self-employed, as well as the ability to pursue various aspects of this business.

I have always been the one who craves the security of a paycheck.

Recently though, I’ve begun to “wise up” as Stan says. By limiting myself to paycheck work, I am limited by the number of hours in a day that I can work and so have limited time (and money) for helping others, special projects, and vacations. So, I’m (belatedly) starting to learn Stan’s business and will be concentrating on Online marketing.

Stan and I both realize that Online Marketing has such tremendous potential but since Stan’s IT business grew by word of mouth, we never had to tap into it.

Now that we are concentrating on expanding into online services, we are making learning about Online Marketing a priority.

We found a great Coach in John Thornhill – he has proven over and over that he is a marketing success and that the people he coaches can also become successful as long as they follow his proven steps, put in the work, and are persistent. John will be helping us learn how to reach our goals, and we look forward to helping you reach yours as well through our products and services and sharing what we are learning.

We look forward to building our online community here, sharing our journey and hearing from you as well!