what’s up if your buddy Peter McKinnon here it is Tuesday which means for those of you that follow this channel today’s 2 minute Tuesday now I had an idea already worked out last week I have lots of ideas surprise however when I started to make today’s video I thought you know what let’s scrap this and do something completely different what if today’s 2 minute Tuesday was how I make a two minute Tuesday and I thought wow that’s super meta and I love that idea so that is what we’re doing today but first we got to rewind [Music] [Music] usually starts with a notebook I like to write all my ideas down in this here notebook so that I can have a decisive clean straightforward path through my thought process so that my video ends up exactly how I want it to end up because when I don’t have a plan like don’t use a notebook things can sometimes get a little wacky and then you know hours and hours go by and you’re like what am I even doing so writing it down to start is the way that I love to begin a project if I’m gonna do it properly so for instance I know that I want to talk about my process through making a two minute Tuesday video which means I need to show you the equipment that I used for they need to show the setup that I use for how I position certain lights certain cameras right on through to the color gray and etc so to start that I’ve taken out the movi Pro here because I’m gonna use that to capture some of the b-roll with regards to showing the equipment that I use so now I will balance the 1 DX 2 on the movie Pro get those shots and meet you back here and the little side tip is that while I’m talking about the fact that I’m going to use the movie pro I’ve already shot a couple hand-held slow-motion clips of the movi proed to overlay on top of me talking about using the movi Pro I’m pretty sure that made sense it made sense to me watch it back if it didn’t but I’m pretty sure it did okay alright I’m going to set up the 5d to do a little time lapse while I balance the movi pro so that I don’t just suddenly go right from sitting down to movi Pro shots let’s go with 24 mil and put these on the gorilla pod I will face this that way while I balance this camera alright so after you have shot the b-roll which we just did I like to put everything away as I work because it makes me a little more efficient knowing that my space is clean sometimes it gets out of hand and I can’t always keep up with that but I’ve shot the b-roll the movi is back where it belongs all the cameras are back everything is back the nd filters are back desk is clean and that way I can kind of just like nicely and neatly move on to the next segment of shooting which would be setting up the lights making sure the mic is in the right position and getting the c200 ready to go that is typically what I’m looking at when I’m shooting a tutorial or a two minute Tuesday anything like that I shoot everything in studio in office on the C 200 it tracks my face ridiculously fast it’s 4k I can shoot in C log 3 which color grades nicer and post which I will show you I used to shoot everything on an h4 end and record the audio separately I used to use lapel mics but just being able to swing this over position it where I need to so that it makes sense with my videos it’s out of frame I don’t have to wear anything external it just makes my life so much easier turn that on turn that on and then this bad boy is what lights me from the side so this is the aperture 120 D it’s always on so they can use the remote everything is plugged in to the back so it’s behind the desk so it’s out of the way when I’m shooting so all I got to do is sit down grab my remote make sure I turn it on and there you have it I can adjust the power and everything from here same for the light that goes in the room behind me which I’ll show you in just a second the next thing I do is I move this big light bar to this side so that it’s in frame gives me a little bit of tungsten light to kind of separate itself from the background which I gel and light completely differently this just has a nice little toe switch boom actually using a light storm LED panel for light number three that you ever see in the videos but it’s what lights this room up and then I used some gels here to make that Kelvin nice and blue so that the room itself isn’t as white and washed out it’s got a little more of a tint that contrasts nicely with the light bar here let me show you that alright now that that’s set up it runs off the same remote as my main light just a different button and there you go now we’ve got that nice blue light inside the gear room they’ve got the nice tungsten light here and the last thing to do is to turn this one on but the last problem is the window light so I’ve actually put these hooks in the wall and I’ve actually put them on either side so I can hang this acoustic blanket which does two things one it cuts all of the light out from this window which lets me control the scene way better and it dampens the sound which makes my audio sound better okay now that all the lights are set up in the windows locked out and the audio is ready to go and the cameras prep gotta stick a lens on it we got this all situated or ready to go now is where I would actually start to record the tutorial itself before I even take it into post and do all of the post-processing and color grading and exporting ready to upload a single video to YouTube [Music] what’s up everybody Peter McKinnon here and welcome back to yet another two minute Tuesday it’s so great to have you here and see all your smiling faces today we’re talking about how I actually make these two-minute videos which let’s be honest are never two minutes today is no exception forewarn all right now I’ve done my intro ready to go the rest is basically talking to camera and then we jumped into post and figure out the rest of it from there was pretty good I’m running low on water I’ve been drinking too much coffee today taking a little break so the reason I wanted to show you guys this process today was first several reasons one I get asked all the time how I actually make these videos and people want to see the process they want to see what goes into it from the beginning to the very end I thought that’s a great idea I’ve just never got around to doing it and today I wanted to do another part of our two minute Tuesday that we talked about last week which will come but I thought it would be really interesting to make today’s 2 minute Tuesday about how to make a two minute Tuesday I think there’s a lot of insight to be learned about how different people do different things throughout their workflow and online like I’m fascinated to see my friends work I love watching different people’s setups I love looking at behind the scenes I love looking at different lighting setups and audio setups then there’s so much to be learned doing that this isn’t to just boost my ego or make me feel good about the amount of work I put into each video but hopefully you guys get to see this whole process and think to yourself wow I never thought of a blocking out a window like that I never thought about an acoustic blanket to actually help the audio from a boom mic sound a little bit better how I need a boom mic so it’s all these little things that hopefully in you seeing you’ll be able to take little bits here and there to help your own workflow make your own videos a higher production and a little more professional I never used to do all of this I used to light everything with window light I would wear a lapel mic I would just set up my DSLR in front of my desk and just start riffing it wasn’t until I met Madi and started seeing how he worked and talking with him and jamming with him and shooting together and vice versa that he learned some things for me I learned some things from him mainly use a light and a mic and it’s improved my workflow and my video quality dramatically so it’s it’s all part of he would say it’s all part of that filmmaking process which it most definitely is it’s the same reason I think people do what’s in my camera bag and why those video series are so popular because it’s very interesting to see what other creators are using in their camera bags to get the content that they’re putting out on a weekly basis now it’s important to also say I hope this process doesn’t discourage you it should not it’s not meant to whatsoever I understand that it’s easy to look at something like this and say that’s a lot of gear it’s really easy to make great videos when you have a mic and you have lights and you have fancy cameras that can just stay stationary so that you can make these tutorial videos but I did not start with any of this I started with zero when I left my last job I had to send all my gear back so I started with nothing I bought one camera I bought one lens I had a set of lav mics for mine I used to do weddings and I would mic up the groom used those and just use the available light and the knowledge that I had to make the best videos that I could different types of videos different types of people different types of workflow different types of equipment but that’s the best part of this whole thing that there is no right or wrong way to do it it’s just however you like doing it and this is how I like doing it all right no more talking because I’ve blown that timer I can already tell haven’t started editing yet but I know I’m way way gone this is like a 15 minute Tuesday but let’s jump into the Edit and let me show you how I organize color grade export and upload and finish one two minute Tuesday video for you guys on YouTube let’s go once I shot all the footage that I need from all the different cameras and the sees you hundred and everything like that I get all the memory cars together and I start to organize that within one single file which is the name of the video that I’m trying to make so for instance I’ll make a new folder and I’ll title that how I make a two minute Tuesday hit enter and inside that folder I’m going to name a folder for each camera that I’ve used 1dx mark two I’ve used a 5d Mark four and I also shot these talking points on the C 200 once I’ve done that I will stick all the memory cards in the computer and I will begin to dump and copy the footage into the appropriate corresponding folders once you’ve done all that I open up Premiere and I start a new project I go over to the project panel and begin to make bins based off all those same folders so typically I will make a folder for the 1dx mark to see 200 5d mark 4 like to make one for my green sharing files I intro depending on which one I use some miscellaneous stuff depending what goes in there another one for music save the project and that’s pretty much it now I’m gonna go through to the folders where I actually save that footage and I’m gonna dump all those corresponding clips into the corresponding bin that I just made in Premiere Pro this way my project is completely organized I know where everything is at any moment I can just drop one of those bins down all the files from that camera are there and it makes editing and the whole workflow way easier and way faster now depending on which camera shot with more that Clips gonna go onto my timeline first when you drag a clip into the timeline for the first time within Premiere Pro Premiere Pro is gonna change those sequence settings to match that first clip you’re dragging in so if you’ve got something in 4k and you’ve got something in 1080p which is our case today the c200 shoots 4k the 1 DX was shooting 1080p I got to decide which timeline settings I’m gonna favour 4k or 1080p in this particular video I have more 1080p footage so I’m gonna start by dragging one of those 1 DX clips onto the timeline so the sequence settings are adjusted to what the settings are of that camera if I had dragged one of my slow motion clips on there first that sequence would be set to 120 frames per second and then everything would be off you want to make sure that you’re starting with the right clips that sequence is set from the beginning good to go now from this point I just start cutting start editing the intro start editing my clips make sure things where I want them I try to position it just move and repeat and cut and repeat and backup and delete now because we started with a 1080p sequence when I dragged one of those C 200 clips and you’ll notice it’s zoomed in twice the amount because the footage is twice as big as 1080p so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna highlight that clip go over to effect controls and bring that down 50% which is gonna fill the frame that’s where I was saying a few months back where your 4k footage scaled down to 1080p is still better quality than just regular 1080p this would be a perfect example of that now I shoot all my videos in log which is no exception here this footage looks a little washed out because I shot it in a log format so now I have to color grade it so that it looks good and I can copy that look across all the c200 clips moving forward with the edit now I use a third-party plug-in called color ista i they’re not paying me to say this I bought at full price I’m going to do a full on review of this because I want to update my color grading video because I do things completely differently now but I basically go through and I find that plug-in within Premiere Pro and I drag it onto my clip now when we come over to effect controls we can see all my shadows my mid-tones and my highlights are here and from this point it’s just a lot of tweaking the curve gamma I can tweak to bring down the shadows and pump up the highlights I can take those Reds in my skin and make them less saturated I can pump up the oranges I can basically change my skin tone to whatever I want to match the lighting the same thing goes for the color of the mid-tones and the color of the shadows and this is a very in-depth incredible tool for color grading that I promise we will get into in another video but this is typically what I do to get that one standard look across all my footage in a tutorial that way once I add a new clip in I can just right click go up to copy and then I can add another clip go over to paste and I can paste those attributes so that it’s matching and I don’t have to go through that whole process again lastly once you’re done the whole edit you’ve moved everything to where you need it to go you’ve put the intro in you’ve color graded you’ve done all of that it’s time to export and the export settings within Premiere Pro are actually very easy all you got to do is come up to file hit export choose media this dialog box is gonna pop up and over here under preset you just scroll to the bottom and choose YouTube 1080p now if you did shoot that in 4k that option is there as well depending on you know which clip you started with and what you’re favoring from that point I do a little bit more custom tweaking by hitting match source and use maximum render quality I changed my output name and I named that to whatever the episode is in this case how I make a two minute Tuesday I hit save export and you are finished once that video is done exporting I upload it to YouTube give it a name give it a thumbnail I hit Send you guys get notified the comments begin and we start all over again the next day so guys that is how I make a two minute Tuesday video it’s quite involved I hope you learned something from the process even still if you didn’t I hope you enjoyed watching the process it’s something that I’m really passionate about I love doing it I love like I said watching how other people work and the workflow involved let me know what you guys do for a workflow below I love hearing about this kind of stuff and we can get that conversation started so hit that like button if you like this video subscribe if you aren’t already and and I will see you guys in the next video oh but wait you’re probably wondering what about the timer and because I just blew it so bad in this video I didn’t even bother putting the timer in because let’s just it’s just getting embarrassing at this point two minute Tuesday is more of a phrase at this point but I still throw it in there every now and then to try to keep the theme going all right that’s all I got now I am officially done I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]